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bike rims for sale
  • bike rims for sale

lightest road bike wheels rims-700C U shape 25mm width 50mm Clincher rim Tubeless Compatible for road bikes

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Price: $189.00    Original Price: $189.00

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Other specifications:

Rim depth:  50mm                                                          Rim width: 25mm

Brake system: V brake                                                    Standard: EN standard

Lead time:  5-15 days 


Tech improvements:

Ø  The U shape rims are our new design, they are with 25mm tire width, have a wider spacing between the bike rim than traditional V-shaped rims, thanks        to a slight widening of the rim, they are much stiffer. With a slightly angled brake track, they have better braking. And they are lightweight, fast, when hit       a few windy sections, it could not fell a thing in the cross winds.

Ø  The 50mm profile rim is the mix of aerodynamics, lightweight, excellent acceleration, and smooth handling. The better stability will let you slice through                  the air with ease.

 Ø  Tubeless compatible: this allows to run tubeless perfectly, makes wheels superlight.

Ø  High TG and high heat-resistant basalt braking surface improve heat dissipation, effectively reduce the impact in heat caused by braking to provide you with reliability and stopping power.

Ø  Filled with 3D weave, that will make the rim stable, safe and durable.

Ø  Manufactured by new technology, the rims’ manufacturing process are without EPS bubbles, this means the rims are molded with a air bag that has the        inner shape of the rim. Unlike the traditional technology, we don’t need to cut a lid to take out the bubbles. So the rim is complete, stronger and stiffer.

Ø  250Gpa modulus carbon fiber reinforcement strip gives additional stiffness on spoke holes.


Notes for use:

Ø Max rim tension: 300kgf     

Ø Max spoke tension:  front: 100kgf   rear:140kgf

Ø Max pressure: 130psi  

Ø Max weight limit: 100kg


Buy now, you’ll get the benefits:

Ø  A free bottle cage

Ø  A pair of free skewers and a pair of free brake pads

Ø  If you order more than 10 pcs, you can get 3% off

Ø  If you order more than 20 pcs, you can get 5% off




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